Buying it for Life vs. Buying it for Cheap

So you’re in the market for buying a new wallet? Like with many things, you essentially have two choices: 1) Buy a cheap $15 wallet that will likely start to fall apart after year two and will eventually be obsolete after year three or four. OR 2) buy a quality wallet for $50 that will last a lifetime. I know, I know that $50 seems like so much more when both products accomplish the same goals, but it’s the longevity of the product you should be concerned with.

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I started this website because like many, I was tired of buying products that would only last a short period of time and then surprise surprise, soon I’d find myself needing to go out and buy another. So, in order to try and cut down on the amount of repeat purchases of a single item I made, I decided to target products solely with lifetime warranties.

Now don’t get me wrong, although every product here has a lifetime warranty that doesn’t mean that in every case if you buy one you’ll never ever have to buy another. Lifetime warranties in most cases refer to the lifetime of the product, not your lifetime (sadly nothing lasts forever). However, some products are made so well or come with such exceptional guarantees that you can reasonably expect to never have to buy another.

Lifetime Warranties

All companies and products that are listed on Last Me A Lifetime are guaranteed to have some form of lifetime warranty. Saddleback leather for example offers a 100 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Darn Tough Socks offers a lifetime guarantee that if their socks aren’t the most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks you’ve ever owned, you can return them for another pair or your money back. Buck Knives offers “The Buck Forever Warranty”. This warrants all Buck Knives to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife. This warranty however does not apply to normal wear or misuse.

As you’ve probably realized by now, the term “lifetime warranty” can imply different meaning for different companies. It is highly recommended that you as a smart consumer go out and research the details of what a company’s lifetime warranties truly implies. A word or caution: Some companies tend to offer lifetime warranties as a marketing gimmick to induce buyers to purchase their products. I’m not going to lie, lifetime warranties are appealing, but if the company is less than reputable and they fall off the face of the earth next year, your warranty is worthless. That’s why I do my best to do research into any company that is featured on Last Me A Lifetime to see if they are up to par. Every product on Last Me A Lifetime also contains a link to the official website’s warranty policy page so you can double check the terms for yourself.

Quality Doesn’t Always Mean Expensive

Yes its true, buying something that is made with better material and quality workmanship can often times be more expensive. But not everything deemed high-quality will break the bank. Take the Groom Mate nose and ear hair trimmer for example. It’s under $20 and with great reviews on amazon is a quality purchase at an affordable price. Fiskars scissors and the Belkin outlet surge protector are also affordable items that are made with great quality and won’t break the bank.

So next time when you’re thinking about buying a new set of pans, new kitbag, or even a new bean bag chair, think about how long you plan on keeping that product and if its worth investing into something that will last you a lifetime.

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