Lifetime Warranties on Surprising Products

Warranties should be one of the major attributes that we focus on when deciding to make a purchase.  Without question, when we make a major purchase, we want to make sure we’re covered from manufacturer defects. Thus, we’ll pay a little more on a product whose company gloats of a lifetime warranty.  What you may not know, there are also plenty of companies that sell more inexpensive items that will guarantee their merchandise.  When a company says they’ll guarantee their product for life, I automatically feel a draw to them.  That tells me that they are guaranteeing that their product can hold up to most extremes that we face every day.  Hopefully, we won’t need to utilize these warranties but it’s nice to know that they’re there.  From exterior house paint to dog leashes, I’m going to discuss some of these lesser known warranties on everyday products.


Rodda Paint

Rodda Paint

A lifetime warranty that may surprise you the most, paint.  Rodda Paint stands by its product so much that they will supply replacement paint for an affected area or refund the original purchase price with proof of a receipt.  Think of that for a second, this is exterior paint, meaning it’s going to be exposed to the elements, including the sun.  Fading is a huge problem with most paints that are already on the market.  Rodda Paint may be a little higher than other paints but just think of the time and expenses down the road you’ll save by only painting once!

Thatsabowl Tupperware

Thatsa Bowl Tupperware

After preparing a large meal, maybe preparing enough for a couple days, we need our storage to be airtight.  I’ve often reached in the cabinet after spending hours cooking, only to find cracks in my tupperware.  Maybe, the dishwasher was too rough on it or maybe it was just old, either way it goes straight in the garbage.  Thatsa Bowl Tupperware offers warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling in a non-commercial setting.  It’s perfect for long term home usage.


The North Face

It may surprise you that one of the most recognizable logos in men and women’s clothing: Northface carries a lifetime warranty.  The clothing isn’t as economical as some of the other choices out there but the fact that the lifetime warranty is offered, it speaks volumes for the quality they are putting in.

SureFire Flashlight

Surefire Flashlights

While models and prices will vary, Surefire puts a lifetime warranty on each of their flashlights.  I use Surefire because I trust that I won’t be left without a light in an emergency situation.  There may not be much to comfort someone during a dangerous storm that knocked the power out but it helps to have a light that will work every time so you’ll be able to guide you and your family to safety.  Surefire even honors a two year warranty on the rechargeable batteries and chargers that are used to power their lights!

Lupine Leash

Lupine Leashes

So, a lot of companies that offer a lifetime warranty won’t honor the warranty due to intentional abuse that their customers dish out on their products.  Luckily, Lupine Leashes understands that your favorite four-legged pal doesn’t realize the value of money or materials.  They promise to replace your leash even if your dog would rather eat it than take a walk with it!



Everyone that owns a smartphone knows that it’s a vital part of their daily life.  From keeping schedules, staying on top of important e-mails or trying to beat the latest Candy Crush update, we need to protect our phones.  Otterbox, an almost indestructible case, offers a lifetime warranty on its cases.  Usually, all it takes is a few pictures of the damaged case and a brief email with Otterbox about the issue that you’re having and they will ship you a new case.

The next time that you’re making an everyday purchase, it may be useful to look on the back of the package and see what kind of warranty is offered.  Buying things that will Last You A Lifetime, will not only save money down the line but also frustration.

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