Lifetime Warranty Kitchen Products

Lifetime Warranty Kitchen Products
lifetime warranty kitchen products

So you’ve just moved out and are looking to invest in some quality kitchen supplies or maybe you’re just ready get rid of some old kitchenware. The hassle of buying the same cheap pan gets old pretty fast so we’ve decided to list a few kitchen items that will help “Last Me a Lifetime-ify” your kitchen. We’ve compiled a few essential kitchenware products that we’ve curated over the past few months and hope that it will help with your search on which kitchen products you may want to purchase. Each product listed comes with a lifetime warranty which is briefly covered individually, however if you would like the full details of the warranty you may visit each product’s respective company website.

Let’s get started…

The Essentials

Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder

Eparé’s salt and pepper mill grinders shine (literally) when it comes to ease of use. These grinders have a light that shines down on your food as the grinder operates so you can see just how much salt you’re putting on your food. These grinders not only grind regular ol’ salt and pepper, they can also be used to grind Himalayan Salt, Spices, etc.

Lifetime Warranty

Eparé’s lifetime warranty will cover these Salt and Pepper grinders if they fail due to material or craftsmanship error during the warranty period, Eparé will repair or replace the items at their discretion. Eparé defines the warranty period as the length of time that the first owner owns the product, giving you some piece of mind in your new fancy-dancy salt and pepper mill grinders.

Eparé Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder

With a light that shines down on your food when in use, you'll never over-season your favourite meal again.

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Price: $59.95

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Knife Set

For a solid, inexpensive beginner’s knife set you may want to consider looking into Ginsu’s 14-piece knife set. These blades are stainless steel and are a great fit for the house cook who isn’t attuned to the upkeep required of a more high-end knife.

Lifetime Warranty

This Ginsu knife set is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product. However, in the event that a defect does exist you will need to send the knife, or knives, back to Ginsu along with $3.00 per knife to cover shipping and handling costs. Just a friendly fair warning, but nonetheless a great deal for an inexpensive set of lifetime warrantied knives.

Flatware Set

A good set of cutlery is a great idea of something to invest in unless you plan on switching to eating sushi full-time and opting to use chop sticks only (mmm sushi). But if you’re like me, you like a good fork and knife which is just what Oneida’s flatware set has to offer. This corrosion resistant, stainless steel flatware never needs polishing and is dishwasher safe. The set comes with 45 pieces so there’s plenty of extra cutlery when you invite your significant other over for supper and woe them with your cooking skills (you have cooking skills right?).

Lifetime Warranty

Oneida warrants their flatware set for life so if there’s a defect in workmanship or materials you can send the affected piece back to them and they’ll replace it free of charge. Like many other lifetime warranties listed here the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, etc.


Oneida 45-Piece Stainless-Steel Flatware Set

Planning to continue eating for the next few years? Why not have a trustworthy flatware set that can help you with that.

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Price: $160.00 $69.99

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Cookware Set

Everyone needs a good cookware set. T-fal’s 12-piece cookware set is nonstick and has a thermo-spot heat indicator to let you know when the pan is perfectly preheated so there’s no more guessing involved. At an affordable price, these pots and pans should last you for years to come and should encourage the chef in your house to keep cooking those mouth-watering meals.

Lifetime Warranty

This cookware set comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the set for any defects in manufacturing. Any damages due to accidents, misuse, or dishwasher effects are not covered by this warranty.

T-fal Nonstick Cookware Set, 12-Piece

With thermo-spot heat indicators showing when your pan is perfectly preheated for cooking, this could be the answer to never making a runny egg again.

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Price: $199.99 $95.99

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There you have it; the kitchen essentials listed above should at least get you started. But you’re not one to settle for the bare minimum are you? Well don’t you worry! We’ve got one kitchen “extra” that should also last you a lifetime and help you to spice up your culinary dishes.


Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

Anything cast-iron tends to last a really long time. Which is good news right? But there’s more… This cast-iron dutch oven is also enameled which has a couple of great benefits in itself. First off, it’s incredibly easy to clean and doesn’t take too much elbow grease to have it ready for your next meal. Secondly, enameled cast-iron doesn’t leach potential iron or other metals into your food such as regular cast-iron pans might when cooking acidic foods like chili making this a versatile cooking tool.

Lifetime Warranty

This enameled cast-iron dutch oven comes with a superb lifetime warranty as well. It is warranted to be free from defects by the manufacturer for the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty also covers normal household use however does not cover things such as neglect, abnormal wear, overheating, etc.


Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Show your meals some dutch oven lovin’ with this fine cookware.

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Price: $118.00 $59.99

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That’s it for our list of lifetime warrantied kitchen products for now! As we add more products or receive more suggestions from our readers we will post a second edition of lifetime warrantied kitchenware. If you’ve ever owned or used one of the products listed above, let us know in the comments section what you thought of the product. If you know of any other lifetime warrantied kitchen products share them below as well, we’re always looking for new high-quality products to share with others!

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The Christmas Gifts That Keep on Givin’… And Givin’… And Givin’

As the temperature drops, the leaves fall, and frost and snow begins to grip our neighbourhoods, we can be comforted by the thought that the Holiday Season is quickly approaching.  A time for family, friends, and good food, we are also faced with the difficult and stressful job of Christmas gift shopping for our loved ones.  What do they want?  What can I afford?  Which specific product is most suited to their needs?


Christmas Cat

At Last Me A Lifetime we recognize the importance of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Our wide range of curated products are sure to meet the standards of all on your list, with the warranties of these products sure to comfort those who worry that their purchases won’t last beyond boxing day sales. So don’t get caught rushing to the stores Christmas Eve doing your ever so familiar last-minute shopping ritual. Last Me A Lifetime has got you covered with suggestions on what to get that special someone this holiday season.

Avoiding Junk Purchases

According to Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff)1, only 1% of purchases in the consumer economy remain in use six months after purchase.  That means that by June of 2015, only 1% of purchases from this holiday season will still be in use due to planned obsolescence (wearing out and breaking) or perceived obsolescence (becoming unfashionable).  While we cannot guarantee the products from Last Me A Lifetime will remain stylish, the lifetime warranties on the products offered on our site will ensure that far more than 1% will be in use without the worry of planned obsolescence.  The products offered on Last Me A Lifetime will be useful and functional for far more than six months; they will be useful and functional for life!

Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Last Me A Lifetime’s wide range of product offerings mean that no one on your list is left out.  Browse through our products and find the perfect, durable gift for everyone you think of during the holiday season.  Last Me A Lifetime will also have products that you will love to receive from those around you.  Use Last Me A Lifetime’s new Wishlist feature to compile a list of products that you have your eye one, and then conveniently email or share your list on various platforms.  Shop Last Me A Lifetime’s high quality products for you and others all at the same time!

Gifts for Her


Peugeot 8.75 Inch Coffee Mill

If the special woman in your life loves a hot cup of coffee, this gift will certainly be the one for her!  With a lifetime warranty on the mill mechanism, fine coffee will flow for years to come.  The flavour of your coffee will be incredible with this top quality coffee mill from the Peugeot brothers; makers of fine tools since the 19th century.


5’ Foam Bean Bag Chair

If the ladies in your life seek to relax more often, this bean bag chair is exactly what they’ve been looking for.  This large chair with heavenly soft stuffing will provide ultimate relaxation for everyone on your list this year; and with a lifetime warranty you can be sure they’ll be relaxing next to the tree in this chair for holidays to come!

Gifts for Him


Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Briefcase

For the professional and student that is special to you, this briefcase will be their favourite gift this year!  Large enough to fit all your essentials, the quality of Saddleback Leather is unmatched.  Durable and strong made with 100% full-grain leather, this briefcase will be their favourite part of work and school, providing utility and style.

Also, check out Last Me A Lifetime’s other Saddleback Leather goods!


Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses

Speaking of style, the men on your list will love these polarized sunglasses that will protect their eyes year-round.  With glass lenses that are 20% thinner and 22% lighter, available with a variety of coloured frames, Costa Del Mar has a product to meet the preferences of even the pickiest sunglass wearer.  With clarity and quality, Costa Del Mar will give everyone on your list the gift of sight, comfort and style.

Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast


Manduka Yoga & Pilates Mat

Does your special someone love the soothing relaxation of yoga and Pilates?  Allow them to relax on the comfort of the Manduka Mat, high quality comfort with a warranty that will truly allow them to relax.  Thicker and denser than the traditional mat, your loved one will be able to relax far more than ever before!


Lifting Belt by Rip Toned

Back pain doesn’t belong around the holidays, and this durable lifting belt will ensure that those special to you won’t risk holiday fun from workouts for years to come.  Rip Toned, one of the most respected brands in exercise, will stabilize the core of weight lifters on your list this year.  Endorsed by professional body builder Kevin Weiss, you know that this belt will fit the needs of all regardless of lifting experience.

Also, check out Last Me A Lifetime’s other Rip Toned products!

Gifts for the Home Chef


CUTCO 18 Piece Knife Set

Quality cannot be substituted, and this is certainly true with this knife set that is sure to meet the expectations of the toughest gift critic.  These knives are guaranteed sharp, and can be sent to be sharpened at any time, ensuring their long-time utilization in your family holiday traditions.  You get what you pay for, and this is certainly true with CUTCO’s quality knife set.

P.S. For those with budget in mind, check out the Ginsu knife set.


Le Creuset Stainless Steel Saute Pan

Your favourite home chef needs quality products to create their masterpieces, and this saute pan will guarantee their delicious dishes won’t suffer from poor pans.  The holiday season is all about family and good food, and this product will be a hit to cooks all around you.  The high quality stainless steel and quality construction won’t let you and your gift recipient down!

Last Me A Lifetime has high quality gifts to meet the needs all.  Browse through our ever expanding list of products findings this holiday season to find the highest quality products with some of the best lifetime warranties out there!


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